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Make a perfect single cup of Hawaiian Kona instant coffee

An often hasty mistake when making a cup of instant is to pour the boiling water immediately over a thee-spoon of granulated coffee in the cup. This unfortunate releases many of the aromatic oils. Most manufacturers of instant coffee strip out most of the oils, some of which are captured and added back into the granules later. The secret therefore is not to pour the boiling water immediately but rather to pour a small amount of warm water first - just enough to dissolve the granulated coffee. Stir it a bit so that the granules have fully dissolved. If you prefer your Kona coffee with milk or coffee creamer this is also the time to add the milk.
Now you can pour that boiling water into your coffee cup.

The most important element of a great cup of instant coffee is the water. If your water is high in mineral content or impurities, a good choice is to switch to a quality bottled water.
Try it! This way USA Grown Instant Kona Coffee tastes just like freshly brewed coffee.

Kona Coffee where is it grown?

Hawaiian Kona Coffee is known throughout the world as the only single commercially grown coffees in the USA, and recognized for its refreshing aroma and smoothness (not bitter). Mulvadi 100% pure Kona Coffee can be purchased in whole bean or in all purpose grind (APG) for your convenience. 100% pure Kona Coffee is alkaline-based, not acidic and has been scientifically proven as good for your health.
There is no other place in the world like the Kona coast of Hawaii's Big Island, where all the perfect conditions exist for coffee farming. The elevation, the rich volcanic soil, the daily rain fall and the tropical sun result in a unique, smooth rich flavor that captivates coffee drinkers.